I am Gordana Hajdin

graphic designer

and web designer

Logo dizajn

Airtrack-flying co.

When conceptualizing the logo, I delved into the symbolism behind each element, ensuring that every aspect was purposeful and meaningful. The color blue, for instance, holds a twofold significance. Firstly, it echoes the vast skies, seamlessly capturing the essence of aviation. This connection immediately establishes a powerful association between the company and the very element that defines its core business. Secondly, the color blue carries a psychological connotation of safety and reliability, which are paramount attributes for both pilots and their passengers. To infuse an added layer of dynamism into the design, I strategically incorporated a vertical arrow and sleek lines at the bottom. This elements not only conveys a prestigious allure but also injects a sense of movement and energy to the entire visual representation. By thoughtfully orchestrating these design choices, I aimed to encapsulate the company's dynamic nature and commitment to delivering exemplary services within the competitive aviation landscape.

logo airtrack
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business card

Typography is an art in itself. It seems to me that it is a special skill to choose the right font. Each design segment has its own function and way to convey the drama or character of what we want to present. So the font itself can express different feelings.


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