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Area of Expertise!

Logo design and graphic design is always an interesting task. I use AdobePhotoShop as a tool for that. The endless possibilities and freedom to create is what I like most about this tool.

Web design is another area where creativity is a measure of success. The richness of idea and imagination of designers are the challenges that encourage us  to  constantly push our own boundaries.


Mosaic is a painting technique that involves making an image from fragments of stone, glass, terracotta or other materials. Although it may seem demanding, mosaic is an easy to learn technique that offers endless possibilities.

The primary goal of the restoration is the preservation of cultural property and to alter the artwork as little as possible with respect to the original intention of the artist. All of the work has to be fully reversible. 

Mozaik koji nema ime

For me Life Is All About Colors

My “philosophical” journey started when I started to feel that being an Artist is the only real job for mankind, and that being creative is the only purpose for me. Thanks to Newton I discover haw we perceive colors and I find out that color is not the property of the objects around us, the color is a feature of light.

 Graphic design communicates certain ideas or messages in a visual way using and combining symbols, text and images to send and explain massage in visual form. That massage can be as simple as a business logo, or as complex as page layouts on a website.

Mosaic workshop

I love mosaic so much and I felt motivated to spread the idea of bringing people together and to offer them the opportunity to feel and learn the basics of mosaic art. The other motivation was my interest in participative art, engaging people in artistic activities for families and groups,  especially for children, and making public art. It was a great success and great joy!  

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