Atelje sa skulpturom žene

Life Is All About Colors

My philosophical journey started when I started to feel that being an Artist is the only real job for mankind, and that being creative is the only purpose for me. Thanks to Newton I discover haw we perceive colors and I find out that color is not the property of the objects around us, the color is a feature of light.
It has changed so much in my understanding of the world.

So, when light hits the surface of an object, it absorbs some of the light and We perceive only the reflected part of light. Which wavelengths are reflected or absorbed depends on the property of the object.

We see an apple and we say  apple is red, but that is not  truth! Apple is all but not red. The surface of the apple is reflecting the wavelengths we see as red and absorbing all the rest.

An object appears white when it reflects all wavelengths, and black when it absorbs them all.

Long before this discovery, I have noticed this problem haw people observe the world. It turns out that people often misunderstand what they see. They see what they carry within themselves.

The first thing when you start to paint or draw is learning to look and to see! When we look, we perceive objects but we are also affected by the experience of what we know about those objects, but when we see, we then perceive the true and accurate state. We see lines, shapes, light and darkness, we see size. We feel the warmth and coldness of color, we see contrasts, conflicts, texture.

And when we see, we are in the moment, in the present.

To be continued…

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