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The project “School Mosaic” was created in 2017 thanks to my son Matija and his teachers Vera Kadžibanov and Jelena Topalović from the elementary school Branislav Nušić. Faced with the problem of violence among students and changes in society that practically tied the hands of teachers and pedagogues, we tried to find a way to overcome these difficulties.
We formed an art workshop with the idea of making a mosaic and connecting parents, teachers and children. Our work lasted more than a year. We had absolutely no material and we used tools that I have had in my studio. We had an open door by the school principal, but no one was completely sure how successful we would be in our intention. However, we succeeded much more than we expected. Here is the introductory letter with which we started our project:

The time in which we live is a time of incredible technologies, unusual discoveries and a time in which books and information of various kinds are available to almost everyone. Each of us has access to the internet so we are in constant contact through social media with our friends, even with people we have never met and whom we don’t know. But we never felt lonelier than ever, scared for ourselves and our loved ones. We speak to much but we say so little. We are talking about violence in schools and they should be the safest places for our children! Many spiritual values are underestimated.

In such conditions, it is difficult for us to accept each other and especially the differences we have. We usually blame others and do useless things criticizing, but rarely starting from ourselves, and that again, never brings us relief or progress.
With this project I would like to show that there is a way when there is a true will to communicate with each other. I want to mobilize energy and encourage people from my environment to change their environment, to feel that even in difficult circumstances they can create and enrich their life and their living space, that they can influence their reality…

…I want to emphasize through the symbolism of the mosaic, which is composed of fragments, how important each of us is as part of a beautiful whole that is called life! We hope that this project will bring us closer and give us a sense of pride for what we do, pride in our origins and the strength we carry within us. I hope that through joint efforts and the awareness that we are leaving behind something valuable for the future, the memory of our ancestors who provided us with the future will be renewed!

I want us to be an inspiration for new ideas and an example of how it is possible to do so much with a joint effort. I also hope that the beauty of the mosaic will encourage the care for the preservation of not only the cultural heritage but also the preservation and care for the environment that we share with the plants and animals!

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